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Sedcards for the agency application as a model

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As a former professional and also photographer for agencies, whether with a contract or only on the recommendation of the agency, I have now made several hundred sedcards and model portfolios.

After I retired, I started doing a TFP day once a month for creating sedcards for agency applications in my studio. Unfortunately I had to close the studio due to Corona and have now started again in rental studios, currently in Mühlheim/Ruhr.

Basic sedcard vs. model folder

Unfortunately, one sees again and again the completely wrong idea of ​​models for business and also the application as a model. GNTM has done a lot of damage there because this pure TV format is seen as reality. In reality, this extreme editorial posturing is very rare in reality and only reserved for a few top models.

Basically, a basic sedcard or model folder is the figurehead of the model. But there are very different phases in the life of a model and therefore very different requirements:

  • Basic sedcard for applying to an agency
  • Model folder for application to customers e.g. casting

In terms of time, first the basis, then the “enjoyment”. If you don’t create the basis, you don’t need a model portfolio.

The basic sedcard

If you apply to an agency, you only need a basic sedcard with the pictures that the special agency requires!

Every agency is different and always expects different images. That’s why you always have to apply specifically to this agency according to their requirements!

If you don’t take a close look at the agencies’ websites before applying, it’s your own fault if you get a rejection or no reaction at all. Here, too, superficiality and thus unprofessionalism quickly become apparent. The competition, especially among young models, is extremely high and you can hardly afford to make mistakes.

Nevertheless, there is a kind of common thread. Pictures that you should have in your portfolio and can use if necessary for the application. With all the variability of agency requirements, there are always recurring elements.


Makeup should not alter the appearance of the model. The person depicted must also be recognizable when they enter the agency for the interview. If the impression of a “fake” is created by an MUA, an invitation is often not to be expected.

So better without make-up or with a light day make-up at most.


Is dealt with in the specific areas.

Image editing

In principle, images for agency applications should be unedited as far as possible. cChanges through Frequency Separation (skin) or Liquify Filter (body) are immediately recognized by professionals and the entire application is quickly dismissed as a fake. However, simple editing in the direction of color cast, contrast and brightness are not critical, but also not necessary.


There is a short video in english:

I have a lot of video tutorials in German.

The possible areas of the basic sedcard


Again, there is only one thing to say about the outfit “body-hugging” Well, now

  • body
  • Tight clothes
  • swim wear or
  • lingerie

Tight clothes
swim wear or

More and more agencies want to save on the recordings for their website. That is why they are increasingly demanding images that correspond directly to their corporate design on the website. This goes from the clothes to the background.

Portraits in white, gray or colored tight-fitting t-shirts are very often requested

and sometimes showing your hands. Why?

  • the care of hands and nails
  • the possibility of the hand model

Grooming says a lot about personality (this also applies to photographers).

The nails are now open to discussion. Nevertheless, extremely long and motif nails are not necessarily advantageous.

Tattoos, piercings should not only be mentioned, but also shown if they are visible in fashion/lingerie/swimwear.

The recording range goes from the bust to the half body (American cut).

You should have enough t-shirts with you!

Real Polaroids

I always call them “mug shots for models”. All that’s missing is the sign with the number in front of the chest…

Actual Polaroids are a bit out of fashion. This is because most agencies follow the selfie theme and resignedly only expect simple pictures.

Some agencies still want the classic Polaroids in lingerie, swimwear or bodies:

Anyone who says that they could later be booked for swimwear and lingerie should definitely take the appropriate pictures in the shoot!

Otherwise the application could give the wrong impression and if the agency is active in this area, the shot could backfire.

It is important to always take the respective requirements seriously on the agency’s website!


Why headshots? Because this is the basis of beauty shots. Almost all beauty shots in advertising are more or less headshots.

If you think you can work in this area, you have to deliver the appropriate headshots. Headshots are therefore optional to see the basic sedcard.

As you can see, you should bring something off the shoulder for the headshots.

Basically, it doesn’t matter which way you achieve shoulder freedom. In practice, however, it has been shown that it is better to have freedom of movement so that you can also work with your hands, e.g. through strapless clothing, a strapless bra or something similar has proven its worth.


Everything is now only optional and interesting for castings and further work as a model.

If you also want to expand or revise your model portfolio, you should take a look at this article:

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