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Fashion shots for the model portfolio

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As a former professional and also photographer for agencies, whether with a contract or only on the recommendation of the agency, I have now made several hundred sedcards.

After I retired I started doing a TFP day for expanding model portfolios in the fashion section of my studio once a month. Unfortunately I had to close the studio due to Corona and have now started again in rental studios, currently in Mühlheim/Ruhr.

Why? Because meanwhile I’m affected by boredom.

Model portfolio

What is very often expected of beginner models by GNTM etc.

If you don’t complete the obligation of the basic sedcard, this freestyle is of no use!

For this reason, I only do model portfolio shoots with models that have convinced me in the basic area.

This model folder is practically the choice for the beginner’s model (New Face). It is definitely not necessary for an application to an agency!

It is important to understand that a sedcard or model-folder is a living document!

A model portfolio is not created in one shoot and in one day. It grows over time.

No beginner is expected to have a model portfolio like an “old” experienced model.


Thera are no english video tutorials right now. The german YouTube playlist is:

Don’t overload!

No overload! Always use only the currently best images and don’t forget the basis. 20 – 40 images, sorted by importance, are sufficient. Nobody has the time to look at an entire portfolio! Interest usually wanes after 5-10 pictures.


3 polaroids/portraits and 2-3 pictures depending on the topic. Subject areas should reflect what you are doing or want to do. This can be catalog fashion, editorial fashion, lingerie, swimwear, beauty, etc.

It is important that you get an overall impression in the shortest possible time and that you as the client can make a decision.

Paper is still better than the tablet or even worse the smartphone for on-site presentations.

No larger than DIN A4! I do have a photographer’s portfolio in DIN A3, but that’s a different scenario.

You should always have the same pictures ready to hand for sending as an email.

Catalog Fashion

In catalog fashion against a white background, the outfit is only relevant in one respect. The neutral white background basically allows everything.

The outfit should reflect the area for which you would like to be booked in the end or have already been booked.

Either narrow, e.g. fitness, or broad.

There should be (at least) one outfit for each area.

It’s important that you don’t see any additional straps or the bra through the outfit. Anything that looks like a mistake is to be avoided. A pro model always has a strapless, flesh-colored bra and panties in the bag (they recommend Hunkemöller…).

Editorial-Fashion (Studio)

Editorial “screams” for a higher quality, more unusual outfit. Since it often (for me) happens in front of a gray or black background, something dark or with strong colors (contrasts) is a good idea.

I don’t believe in colored backgrounds for sedcard images. First, it comes across as cheesy very quickly and distracts from the person. Secondly, you have to follow the color theory for the outfits and thirdly, you can easily fade in any background in Photoshop.

Editorial-Fashion (On Location)

Has no fixed rule. Why? Because everything depends on the location, the task and the lighting mood. That determines the outfit.

Curvy, Glamour

Would you like to work in the Curvy and Glamor sector. Both are now very strongly connected, so you have to use your curves consciously and purposefully. Why should you book a curvy model if not for its curves?

lingerie, swimwear…

Glamour is quite a big area. Lingerie must also be sold.

It is important here that you use high quality in

  • lingerie
  • bodies
  • Corset/Corsets
  • swim wear

chooses. A smooth, closed bra is practical, but not ideal for a comp card picture.


A current hype, but be careful, that’s why it’s “overrun”.

If you want to do fitness, you have to be and be able to show it. So normal posing, as for fashion, is not required here.

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