BTS Curvy Cars 2019 by Hüsges Group

English is not my native language and I’m not a writer too. Be patient with me please.

It took three days, ten models and around 2000 pictures to get the result. The customer decided the 13 pictures for the calendar and is responsible for the digital darkroom too. The Curvy Agency was the main contractor and organized models, MUA, hair stylist …

I will show you some behind the scenes from the shootings. Sure, that I can’t show every result.

Day 1

At the first day we had three locations.

Car Repair Shop

Our model coach and model Ira shows how to pose for this scene

I love to work with umbrellas if I’m on the road. Softboxes can be a pain in the …

Car Hall

It’s not so easy to pose in a car

Next car, next model, next posing instruction

Hard work to pose five models. Nice cars guys

A Christmas picture should not be missing


It’s not so easy to capture a formula 3 racing car. You can’t move it a lot 😉

Day 2

At the farm. We are luck to make the next sessions in one place with three setups

To work with smoke could be pain. The smoke grenade can be a …

I can understand the horse. Horse power to horse power 😉

Again. To pose four models isn’t a piece of cake …

Sometime you must have fun at the set. The most fun had the cows in the background.

Day 3

At last three locations in one day


I love racing cars …


It’s fun to work with professional models


Preparing is everthing

How to handle your baggage if you are on the run (from your husband …)

The calender is out now …