About me

Lighting – Expression – Simplicity

  • I don’t like show effects. I love simplicity.
  • I don’t like simple lighting. I love playing with light.
  • I don’t like stupid beauty. I love beautiful women with great expression.
  • I don’t like size zero. I love women.

I’m a retired professional photographer and digital artist from Germany.

I’ve stoped working full time commercially in March 2016. It was to exhausting to travel so much. I’m retired now and working part time.

I’ve got a master of physics with the focus on low temperatur optics. That’s why I know how light works.

I’ve got my first camera as a child in 1964, more than 57 years ago now.

In 2016 I’ve decided to be focused on fineart portraits & digital art. 


Email jh@joerghoevel.com

Phone 0162-3717445

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